The Pool Walker’s Creed

TweetBy Piper Bayard Long ago, my writing partner Holmes and I discussed the fact that we’re no good to each other dead. As we age, we have to work a little harder at that not getting dead thing than we used to. So we agreed that our bare [...]

Giving Kids a Healthy Message About Their Bodies

Tweet by Jenny Hansen Since last summer, I’ve been gathering articles on this topic and, with bikini season upon us, I think it’s time to share them. So many people make resolutions about how they look. Hell, I used to make these [...]

Autism Awareness Month — Will You Celebrate It?

Tweetby Jenny Hansen For 25 years, autism has been part of my life. Not just because my little brother is autistic, and not just because I used to teach autistic children back in a previous career. Autism has been part of my life because the [...]

Creative Problem Solving: Keep the Cow Out of the Ditch

Tweetby Jenny Hansen Harvey Mackay is one of my favorite columnists because he always makes me think about multiple topics. For example, I might go to him for a business lesson and, instead, a family or life lesson. Case in point: one of my [...]

Why Do Pregnant Women Get SO Much Heartburn?

Tweetby Jenny Hansen It’s kinda depressing to think about how many odd symptoms pregnant women get, but one that seems universal is heartburn. I had heartburn so bad my first trimester I had to go on medication. I thank God I had a high-risk [...]

5 Common Vices That Aren’t So Bad

Tweet The other day, I read a post on vices that made me feel so much better about some of my “not-so-great” points. I mean usually, I console myself that my husband picks up my slack and helps me look like the “organized, [...]

10 Lifesaving Things To Know About Blood Clots

Tweetby Jenny Hansen Today we’re going to talk about a health concern that nearly anyone is at risk for. I received a call from my cousin yesterday and she’s got DVT (that’s deep vein thrombosis) in her right leg. Gah! She’s [...]

The 10 Most Common Phobias In America

TweetPhobias are a tricky thing. Some of them are sudden (like my fear of heights) and some creep up on you over time (dental appointments…*shudders*). What is a phobia? A phobia is a completely irrational fear. Sufferers know they are [...]

Michael Douglas By The Tweets

Tweet by Jenny Hansen I’m not sure how many of you have heard the bruhaha over Michael Douglas’ interview with the Guardian about his throat cancer two years ago. When the Guardian interviewer expressed that his throat cancer was [...]

“Better” Has No Finish Line

Tweet This Week’s Inspiration: “Better” Has No Finish Line by Jenny Hansen   This “getting back in shape” stuff is killing me. Last week, I shared with you some important lessons Crossfit is teaching me about [...]