The Lesson Mom Should Have Taught You

Tweet THE LESSON MOM SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT YOU   By   Vicki Hinze     The world has changed.  People… not so much.  We all laugh and cry, are happy and sad.  We all get angry and other people hurt our feelings. [...]


Tweet  I AM. IT’S ENOUGH.   By   Vicki Hinze   We’re bombarded all day, every day with messages. We’re too fat, too thin, too bald, too locked into bad habits. We need whiter teeth, stronger this, more of [...]

Remaking Your Life

Tweet    REMAKING YOUR LIFE   By   Vicki Hinze     When something major happens, we think of how it impacts us, and that makes us think about our lives.     Thinking about our lives makes us focus [...]

Are You Mr. or Ms. Fix-It?

Tweet Are You Mr. or Ms. Fix-It?   By   Vicki Hinze   Most of us hate to see anyone struggling. The moment we do, our natural instinct is to jump in and fix whatever in their life is broken so that they can put the struggle behind [...]

My Fridge Needs a More Magnetic Personality

Tweetby Jenny Hansen I hate the new non-magnetic fridgie fronts! Especially with kids, I think the ability to hang artwork on my refrigerator is my God-given right as a parent. We inherited our fridge from my mother-in-law and, while it [...]

Do You Give People a Chance?

Tweet Do You Give People a Chance? By Vicki Hinze A little over a month ago, I had a computer challenge that tested my patience and my character. I took a computer in for a simple repair and while there it was damaged. Since then, it’s [...]

Chocolate Philosophy Blows My Mind

Tweetby Jenny Hansen Chocolate is practically a religious experience for my husband’s family, especially dark chocolate. See’s Dark Nuts & Chews, dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s, and the ever-popular Dove Dark Chocolate [...]


Tweet 3 Ways to Improve Your Life Starting Right Now   by   Vicki Hinze     We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our lives. Most tips we find are complex, difficult to implement, or distant. We find it far [...]

The 7 Things About Yourself Challenge

Tweet     The 7 Things About Yourself Challenge   By   Vicki Hinze       A while back, I was tagged on a social media site to reveal seven things about my writing. I started to ignore it but I’d been [...]

Be like Brad! Cards Against Urbanity – Arlington on Nov11

TweetIf Brad Pitt can pretend to be an architect, so can you! Tuesday Nov 10th * 5:30 – 7:30pm * FREE Courthaus Social 2300 Clarendon Blvd Arlington, VA Courthouse Metro Join us to play Cards Against Urbanity and add your own cards about [...]