How-To Calm Your Inner Savage Beast

Tweet   How-To Calm Your Inner Savage Beast by  Vicki Hinze   We all have an inner savage beast.  Normally, we keep the beast leashed, our civility intact, our humanity in control, ruling our actions and reactions.  [...]

Sun Safety Tips

Tweet SUN SAFETY TIPS   By   Vicki Hinze It’s summer and time to enjoy being outdoors.  That means, among other things, greater sun exposure.  We’ve all heard about the dangers of ultraviolet rays damaging our skin.  But many are [...]

4 Tactics of a Dream Thief

Tweet     4 Tactics of a Dream Thief   By   Vicki Hinze       Our dreams give us things to look forward to in life.  Big or small, working toward them, provides us with the will to get out of bed in the [...]


Tweet IT IS WHAT IT IS:  POLITICALLY (IN)CORRECT by Vicki Hinze   Politically correct. We’ve been lectured on it, taken to task, borne accusations and been confused by it. It’s been used as a weapon against us, intended [...]

Safety Tips for Halloween

Tweet Safety Tips for Halloween   By   Vicki Hinze       1.  Adults accompany your kids.  Never let anyone Trick or Treat alone.   2.  Never enter a stranger’s home.   3.  Avoid sharp [...]


Tweet  WARNING: LIFE-DEFINING MOMENT AHEAD By Vicki Hinze     Moments define our lives. And often they don’t roar in like lions, they whisper or creep. Seep into our awareness, settle onto our skin, then skin down to the [...]

Stealing Joy: When Others Feed on Hurting You

Tweet STEALING JOY WHEN OTHERS FEED ON HURTING YOU by Vicki Hinze Listen to the Audio We all have our soft underbelly; the one we avoid confrontation with whenever possible.  We’ve been there before, and we know how much it hurts. Whether [...]

Chance and the Extraordinary Life

Tweet   Chance and the Extraordinary Life   By   Vicki Hinze     We all want a chance.  Whether it is to do something we really want to do, or it’s to not do something we oppose doing.  We don’t [...]

Lofty Ideals: Living in Color

Tweet Lofty Ideals:  Living in Color By Vicki Hinze    We might at times choose to ignore right from wrong but we do know it. Even those with absent or MIA parents eventually expand the circle of people with whom they interact [...]

The Weary Season

Tweet The Weary Season   By   Vicki Hinze     We have the seasons—Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring—but we have other kinds of seasons, too.  Ones that are joyful and ones that sorrowful. Ones that try our [...]