IBIS – MUSIC for STRING QUARTET: Romeo and Juliet — Jan 11 @ 4pm

Sunday January 11 at 4 pm
Clarendon United Methodist Church
606 North Ivy Street, Arlington






IBIS continues to explore the intersections between music and literature
Our program for string quartet features the dramatic Beethoven Op. 18, No. 1 quartet, whose slow movement is said to portray the Tomb Scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Also on the program, a charming quartet by Haydn, and the String Quartet #3 by Shostakovich, a brooding, sardonic and powerful depiction of life in Stalinist Russia.

IBIS concerts are free to the public and are suitable for older kids. Your goodwill donations are welcome.

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Sunday February 22nd at 4 pm at Clarendon United Methodist Church

Quartet for the End of Time
“The most ethereally beautiful music of the 20th century…”
Alex Ross, The New Yorker
Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Messiaen’s shattering and redemptive work, based on the Book of Revelation, composed in a WWII prison camp, and premiered by its inmates.
Also on the program: Gimpel the Fool, by David Schiff, extracted from the opera 
based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short story.
Special guest Jerome Barry, founder of The Embassy Series, 
will read Singer’s iconic work, with musical interludes.
Guest artist Ashley Booher, clarinet



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